Central Coast Evaluation Services

Based in San Luis Obispo County. Serving all of California.

Our Evaluation Services

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We provide objective comprehensive forensic psychological evaluations and expert witness services for a variety of civil and criminal matters.

• Competency to Stand Trial (Adult & Adolescent)
• Criminal Responsibility (Insanity)
• Violence/Threat Assessment
• Mental Health Diversion
• Military/Trauma Diversion
• Immigration
• Pretrial/Presentencing
• Malingering
• Criminal Mitigation
• Substance Abuse
• Competency to Create/Change Will
• Firearm Possession


Our educational assessments are useful to identify academic, emotional and behavioral strengths and weaknesses of an individual and to make recommendations for specific services and interventions.

• Intelligence (IQ) testing
• Test Accommodations
• Private School Admission
• Gifted Placement


We provide psychological evaluations that are meant to assess an individual’s social and emotional functioning when there are concerns about socialization, emotional regulation, and/or interpersonal relationships. 

• Diagnostic Clarification
• Personality Assessment
• Supplemental Security Income (SSI) / Social Security Disability Income (SSDI)    


Our psychological evaluations can assess an individual’s mental state, as well as determine suitability or appropriateness for upcoming medical decisions.

• Weight Loss Surgery/Bariatric
• Egg & Sperm Donation/Surrogate
• Gender Confirmation
• Independent Medical Evaluation  

Public Safety

We can determine if psychological issues are interfering with an individual’s ability to function effectively and carry out essential functions on the job.

• Fitness for Duty
• Pre-Employment
• Return to Work