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Based in San Luis Obispo County, serving all of California.


Dr. Roxanne Rassti

Dr. Rassti is a forensic psychologist with the California Department of State Hospitals, where she conducts evaluations relating to competency to stand trial, restoration of sanity and mentally disordered offender laws. She has also previously conducted various psychological evaluations involving risk assessment, sexual offending, child custody, malingering and diagnostic clarification. Dr. Rassti has completed over 500 evaluations on individuals ranging from mild adjustment disorders to severe psychopathology and testified over 50 times in courts across California. She currently rounds out her professional role through teaching a course on forensic psychology for both California Polytechnic University and Colorado State University. Dr. Rassti completed her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, with specialized training in forensic psychology, from Colorado State University in 2014, and became licensed in the state of California in 2015 (PSY27489).


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